Shawhaven Haunted Farm

The Legend of Shawhaven Farm

As you enter the farm, we wish you no harm.
But sometimes things just happen you see…
As you walk on through, there’s a story to tell,
of some things that used to be.

The Shawhaven land, on which you stand,
was once a striving farm-
Then the invasion of a “Human-like” bug,
left devastating harm.       

Since the ruined crops
and plants really took a “hit”,
the farmer and his wife,
could no longer make a “go” of it.

The couple decided to take in boarders,
but only the ones passing through
it seemed the best way to make money,
since they didn’t know what else to do.

Some folks say there were school marms and clowns,
on their way to “jobs-to-be”.
But they came up mysteriously missing
and never reached their destiny…

Though the farm will never be the same,
the plants are growing Well
and when they use the “experimental” fertilizer
it has a… “DEAD-MAN” smell…

Some say the plants seem to come alive,
and they’ve even seem them weep…
while others feel they’re being “watched,”
and it just gives them the CREEPS!!

So move along now, be on your way,
and lets just hope,
you find your way out before…