Shawhaven Haunted Farm


Opening for our 11th year. We have over 140 acres of fear covered land with our 3 main events. Every year we re-create our haunts to ensure farm fresh fear!

Samara’s Boarding House

Only short term boarders were welcome at Samara’s Boarding House as they passed through town, so no one ever noticed them missing... The storage room is now quite full of trunks and suit cases that have never reached their final destination. Spirits wander and linger in the halls and dark corners of the Boarding House calling out for help as they checked in but never checked out…

Wagons of Fear

Fear over takes many as they try to pass through the woods. Stories of mad men and the undead have been passed down for years. The darkness of the fields and woods closed in on those that have entered and engulfed their minds, never to release them of the despair they have found or has it found them?

Dead Maze

A Zombie influx is taking over the corn. With the crops infested a new chemical concoction had to be made to save the crops and attempt to bring them back. Travelers to the township started to come up missing. When the corn started turning red people whispered and stories were passed around. Shortly after is when the Zombies first started to appear. Now Zombies are wandering in the Dead Maze in search of human prey.

The Last Ride

The Last Ride is a burial simulator. Climb inside the casket and there, in total darkness you get the experience of your life, your death. A special stereo sound track plays to you in the darkness, built in air rams move the casket in sync with the sound track. Enjoy your Last Ride to the cemetery and try on for size your final resting plot.

Chicken Wagon Ride

A non-haunted ride for those faint of heart. Enjoy the Halloween fun of a tractor drawn wagon ride without the scares. Travel across the farm, up the hills to see the valley of lights then by the pumpkin patch.

Escape Rooms

Choose between 3 different escape rooms or do all of them. You will have 3 minutes to find the secrets and solve the puzzles to free yourself from the room. Challenge yourself and friends with a test of your wits and if you make it out win the prize.

Corn Maze

Enjoy a unique experience in the Corn Maze with its twisting & turning trails. There’s nothing scary in this Corn Maze except maybe who you take with you!  Flashlight Maze Run starts at dusk so be sure to bring your flashlight or chance getting lost, but don’t worry we will find you when we combine the corn.

Kids Matinee Tour

This is a light on guided tour of Samara’s boarding house. There are actors with no masks to show where scares occur to help get ready for the full haunt. (During this time our regular Sunday day events are open as well.)